Hi. My name is Dave, and my online name is generally Beartech. I  am a 35 year old cub, originally from Glasgow, but have lived mainly in London and Manchester in the past 10 years. My interests are mainly reading and watching Sci-Fi, popular science, technology, going out, radio to name a few. I hope 2008 will take me out to enjoy the outdoors more. I want to see more of the UK by enjoying outdoor activities.. anyone fancy a camping trip? In the past, I have worked in various roles as a medical equipment engineer, which is something that I have developed a passion for, but unfortunately in a professional capacity the passion is not always there to be lapped up. I am trying to figure out a way in which I can still carry on with my passion in a professional capacity, and still be beneficial in a proper role.. ie. to benefit the care of the patient. I studied applied physics at university, straight from school. any other physics graduates out there? They seem to be a rare breed in the bearworld. I am thinking about going back to university this year, to do a masters in computing. This is part of my steps to take to combine my career interests with my passion. Life can be good.. it’s what you make of it. 


One Response to “Dave”

  1. Pino said

    Physics graduates are not only rare in the bearworld but almost everywhere. However, there are exceptions: a (former?) theoretical physicist is commenting right now on your blog :mrgreen:

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