I was chatting to a close mate the other day about how i have been watching my Voyager DVDs as I have been without television since the start of December. I am a great fan of Voyager, so I get quite enthusiastic when I talk about it. I could see his face changing, as if to say, “David, don’t start boring me with sci-fi stuff.” It may have something to do with the amount of sci-fi he has been subjected to over the years, as his partner is a much bigger fan than anyone I know.But the conversation led onto why gay men enjoy sci-fi dramas so much. It is true, as the majority of gay men I know like one thing or another under the sci-fi genre. I suppose some have an element of camp, other’s have the leading female character, which gay men love- a domineering, powerful, intelligent female role model. Some also have the good looking male characters. (Personally I don’t think Chakoty is as sexy as people think.) Or maybe it is because we generally have the freedom to watch what we want. We generally do not have children to look after, and have partners with similar interests, or with interests of their own. And if you’re single, there is nobody to object to what you watch.Can anyone else think of a reason why we are all sci-fi freaks?